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HanaSling Ring Sling - Turquoise Tropika

RM 139.00

Printed Japanese Cotton 1 layer (Rm139)

🔹2m x 70cm

🔹Extra breezy and lightweight

🔹Grey side at tail visible (tail can be rolled and used as extra support for baby neck or as rings cover)

No more sore arms while carrying your baby.

No more hiding or rushing to secret hidden place to breastfeed your hungry baby.

No more bulky  baby carrier. 

🔹Walk with style with your little ones

🔹Cotton is best for our hot and humid climate.

🔹Light padding for baby's neck and bottom

🔹Hybrid shoulder (Eesti+pleated) to fit your shoulder comfortably

🔹Fit newborn till toddlerhood.

🔹M size rings so it's just sit nicely on your body, not too loose or too tight to adjust.

🔹Machine washable. Perfect for buzy mom.

▶️1 year warranty.

▶️Ready to wear.