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HanaSling Ring Sling - Black Cotton Jacquard

RM 157.00

Cotton jacquard (Rm157)

🔹A nice decorative design that’s woven into the fabric on a jacquard loom forming a slightly raised decorative area.

🔹2m x 65cm

No more sore arms while carrying your baby.

No more hiding or rushing to secret hidden place to breastfeed your hungry baby.

No more bulky  baby carrier. 

🔹Walk with style with your little ones

🔹Cotton is best for our hot and humid climate.

🔹Light padding for baby's neck and bottom

🔹Hybrid shoulder (Eesti+pleated) to fit your shoulder comfortably

🔹Fit newborn till toddlerhood.

🔹M size rings so it's just sit nicely on your body, not too loose or too tight to adjust.

🔹Machine washable. Perfect for buzy mom.

▶️1 year warranty.

▶️Ready to wear.