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  • Our baby slings are carefully and lovingly handcrafted by working at home moms.
  • While most front carrier dig into your shoulder, our ring slings are comfortable. Wide shoulder spreads baby's weight evenly. This way you are very unlikely to get shoulder or back ache.
  • We only use rings made especially for baby slings, and are weight-tested to 250 pounds (113 kgs). Aluminium rings are very safe and will not break even with abnormally rough usage.
  • The aluminium and nylon rings used are anodized in a RoHS compliant process, made from aluminium 6061 and are lead and phthalate free thus make it safe for people with nickel allergies.
  • A sling also act as an accessory for mom. You change your purse or shoes accasionally; why not change your sling?
  • Stylish fabrics coordinate with your trendy wardrobe.
  • Fits any child from premature to toddler.
  • Easier to breastfeed in baby sling (Get the nursing blouse or dress first). If you get enough practices, you can breastfeed while shopping without being noticed!
  • The tail of the sling is open and can actually serve as a tissue, a burp cloth, a cover for discreet nursing, and sun shade.
  • Some front carriers support baby primarily under the pelvis with legs dangling down. Newborns can be cradled in the sling, which puts less strain on their spine. See page 'Instructions and Precautions'
  • We understand that babies like to chew or nibble on almost anything. Our rings are perfectly safe for your little one.
  • Our sling are normally does not come with pocket sewn on  the tail due to hygenically concern and safety reasons.
  • Use the rings as a holder for tether, toy or pacifier if you want to. SeriHana sling are machine washable. If you don’t like the sound of the rings in the washing machine, just cover them with the sock first.
  • Every Ring Sling from Seri Hana & Co attached with a tracking label and warning label. . We care so much, we allow you to register your baby carrier here.