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Being a mother is a wonderful experience. There is no doubt that motherhood is the most amazing and great thing but not everyone gifted with this privilege, thank you Allah. But bear in mind that you are no longer the centre of your own universe. It’s our children’s now. Cliché but true…

We understand your struggle… to stay fit, happy and sane is sometimes very challenging exclusively when you have pretty energetic baby or kids. Running through daily family errands impeccably (or almost) but oh dear… we forgot to look after ourselves. Time for us is like a treasure, having spa bath peacefully without hallucinating that we are hearing our crying baby is like a huge triumph and being able to stroll in the shopping mall, sipping our favourite coffee without having to chase or combat with those little munchkin’s lovely fingers become a tremendous luxury now. Fun. No?

Going through that chapter (still do and learning) we understand. Here we try to gather everything nice, fun, easy and simple things that might excites you, to cheer you up and to share with you… in SeriHana & Co.

Our HanaSling for example, handcrafted with love by working at home moms, tried and tested, proved to be the must-have items for every mom out there. Baby wearing is a natural parenting technique that is still lacking in Malaysia. The aluminium rings used in our signature HanaSlings are made in Laveen, Arizona. They are made from aluminium 6061 and are lead and phthalate free. They are anodized in a RoHS compliant process.  The rings are also safe for people with nickel allergies. We care so much, we allow you to register your baby carrier here.

Don't forget to check on our arrays of teething necklaces too... They are simply fabulous! Very handy to sooth crying babies due to sore gums.

Buying online can sometimes be a nerve wracking experience.  If our products do not meet your expectations, please let us know!  You can contact us HERE or at 013-9321994.  We are pleased to connect with you, and your satisfaction is our priority.


Let’s stay fabulous, be fun and confident, while raising loving, happy kids and become a candy diva in the eyes of beloved ones, always.


With Love,

SeriHana & Co.Team

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